InovEduc - Innovative Methods in Education for Supporting Partnerships

The project brings a unique fusion of interactive 3D models of historical, cultural, technical and natural monuments of Eastern Slovakia and Transcarpathian Ukraine and innovative learning approaches to improve historical and multicultural awareness in this border region.

In the framework of this project is a presentation of 24 objects with the possibility of interactive viewing with applications of the most up-to-date imaging technology,inclusive of virtual and augmented reality.


Desktop app

An application for the interactive display of 3D models of objects with descriptions, and interior views, through the medium of panoramic and multimedia content.

Virtual reality application

An application for interactive display models in virtual reality for the headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with interior views through the medium of panoramic and multimedia content.

Web application

A web application for interactive display of 3D models of objects with descriptions, and interior views through the medium of panoramic and multimedia content.

Augmented reality mobile app

A mobile application for Android and iOS for interactive display models through the medium of augmented reality. For content viewing, download and print the marker.

Webová aplikácia ModelShare

The application for display models created by teachers and students are in the format COLLADA.


In the framework of the project InovEduc printed material was released as follows:

Methodological worksheets

A series of five working methodological worksheets for teachers on the themes – a common history of the region, traditional culture, religion, civil society and the creation and utilization of 3D models.

Brochure about objects

The brochure contains a description of 24 objects, which were processed in digital format in the project InovEduc.


Proceedings from academic conferences in the framework of the InovEduc project.

Abstracts Proceedings 2015 Proceedings 2017


Project name: Innovative Methods in Education for supporting Partnerships – „InovEduc“
Recipient: Paneurópska vysoká škola n.o.
Found: supported by Norway financial mechanism and cofinanced by state budget of Slovak republic
Programme area SK08 Cross-border cooperation
Project number: CBC01008
All costs: 638 558,- EUR
Project grant: 574 701,- EUR (90% – 85% Norway grants / 15% Slovakia state budged)
Co-founding: 63 857,- EUR (10% – own resources)

Project partners:

  • Centrum pre Európsku politiku
  • Carpathia Užhorod
  • Generálny konzulát SR v Užhorode
  • Zakarpatský inštitút postdiplomového pedagogického vzdelávania
  • Užhorodská národná univerzita
  • Evanjelická spojená škola v Prešove
  • Lingvistické gymnázium T.H. Ševčenka Užhorod
  • Metodicko-pedagogické centrum Bratislava
  • Ústav etnológie SAV, Bratislava
  • Imsa Knowledge Company AS Nórsko

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